Of course, I want to not only grow a decent crop, but also decorate your favorite site.

Which beds should be used in metal, plastic, concrete or brick?

With our beds you have more opportunities for design and decoration of any site.

Using the metal sides of Delta-Park, at a reasonable price, you can create flower beds of any size and shape that will please you and your guests.

All the flower beds of Delta-Park are fully produced in our manufacturing in St. Petersburg.

Galvanized boards for KL beds (height 19 cm, thickness 2.5 cm)

Everything about flowerbeds KL

Galvanized boards for KM beds (height 19 cm, thickness 1.2 cm)

Everything about flowerbeds KM

Galvanized boards for KS beds (height 14 cm, thickness 1.2 cm)

Everything about flowerbeds KS

Where to buy Delta-Park products? You can choose yourself or write us.

All Delta-Park products are shipped only in the original packaging!